In need of wine….um a bit of planning is required.

Hey, wouldn't it be great....

when we bought wine we supported the producers and as a result wine regions in Australia flourish. By just focusing on price and purchasing from major liquor chains we are driving down choice and price at the expense of growers and industry for major companies profit margins. By purchasing elsewhere I can support the industry and enjoy great wine now and into the future.

I personally prefer to only buy Australian but I acknowledge there are some great wine regions around the world so go for it if you prefer. The cost of shipping for wine has really come down. The local courier delivery lady told me the most common items delivered are wine and Who gives a crap toilet paper - another product I happily support.

If you know what wine you want then why not buy direct from the producer if available.  Do you have any locally owned bottle shops near you? Then support them - a few also offer good prices on delivery within their capital city or regional area. So even if they are on the other side of town you can still support local.

I did a google search to find wine delivery sites looking for ones that support growers. Do you know any other good ones? Then share the love by telling us in the comments.

Wine Selectors

Cracka wines

Vinomofo -

So I ended up buying from Vinomofo and getting a case of white, red and sparkling each and delivery was free! I still got excellent prices and I am now signed up for alerts and will order ahead of time so I always have what I need on hand.

Do you think it is worth the effort to shop around for wine? Share your tips below.



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