How hard is it to buy some paper?

I just wanted some butchers paper for brainstorming ideas

So, going with the challenge of avoiding the major retailers, I thought I would try and get a pad of A2 paper so that we can scribble down some notes.

In the past I would have gone to one of the many major chains - including one that specialises in office supplies. Trying to stop that - I thought where do people get these from when they are not going to a major retailer? I know - a newsagent. Already in town, I stopped at a local newsagent (which was open on a Saturday Afternoon - which is a good start). I described what I wanted (after first looking around the store) - no go - they didn't have anything close.

Not giving up, I ventured to Smithfield and looked at the newsagent there - which was bigger, and in the end I had to compromise to an A2 sketch pad - not quite what I was looking for, but it will work. I asked the staff at the counter if they had them, but they didn't and suggested I go to one of the cheap shops near buy who sell things very cheaply and who knows where they come from?

When I returned home with the booty that I had found - I was asked "why did you go to the newsagent, and not the (office supplies) shop instead". I said that I was trying to keep to the challenge. We then discussed if the large office supply shop was pushing down prices for their items that they sell, and does it make sense in this situation to buy the large A2 "sticky notes" from the shop instead of hunting around for something close at the newsagent.

I'm not sure?

We need to think about our purchases and the impact of them. In my case I think I could have gone to the large office supply shop and it would have been ok.

Maybe it is a case of "think before you buy".


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