Being thrifty at the Op Shop

Op shop

Why should I even consider shopping at Op Shops?

There is no denying the fact that we are destroying cultures, supporting child and slave labour and causing irreversible damage to the environment by our overconsumption. We choose to ignore these facts because we become overwhelmed by them and feel that we personally can't make a difference. But I believe otherwise, I believe we all can make a difference and it starts with me and then it starts with encouraging others. And together we can make a change and a real impact.

My Experience Op Shop Shopping!

Firstly, I had to change my thinking. I have never before shopped at Op Shops - they have always been a place to send my unwanted items so that I could feel like I was doing a good deed. Op shops are where people who can't afford things go to shop. Well it is time to rethink this belief. It is a step in our journey to reduce our consumption and our impact.

Secondly, we need to rethink cheap low quality clothing as this creates a waste problem - these clothes last a relatively short amount of time and then they are not good for anything other than landfill. This was evident by what I saw - most of the clothes worth considering were reasonable quality garments. Anything low quality didn't appeal as they looked tired and worn.

Once I started searching through the racks with a real desire to find suitable items I came across quite a few items worth considering and I had a bit of a pile going. After trying on items a few went back onto the racks. I was disappointed a nice Armani denim skirt was just that little bit too small. The shop had a great vibe and there was a group of older ladies having the time of their life trying on a bunch of dresses which looked really nice on them. A Mum was searching for dress up items for kids while they got into playing with the toys.

What I got for $10

I ended up buying the following items for $10 in total - a quick wash and we are ready for summer:

  • An old fashion toast holder - as the rest of my family likes to stand their toast out and eat it cold (not me!)
  • Tommy Bahana stripped Linen dress
  • Cheeky cotton Indonesian dress
  • Capture cotton blouse
  • My girl floral dress
  • Katies cotton striped shorts
  • Just Jeans Linen/cotton shorts
  • Target girls butterfly top
  • Sparkle girls top

Try Op Shop Shopping for:

Everyday kitchenwear, glasses, or crockery - Books - camping stuff - dress ups - toddler toys

I hope I have inspired you to at least go and have a look at your local store with an open mind. Happy thrift shopping.


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