145 Day Challenge – September Wrap up

Its hard to shop ethically but I am committed because I value people, cultures and the planet on which we live.

As I find it hard to source some of the everyday items my family needs e.g. shoes, underwear (blogs to come) I appreciate how easy it is to just go down to the local shopping centre and buy whatever you need. It is just so much easier. It is this problem that I want to tackle. We need to take back our power as consumers and not accept the status quo. I want to create solutions to make it easier. It is possible to at least do better. So our goal is to make it easy to take those steps to better.

There is a lot more information on ethical living available than I originally thought but most of it I am finding doesn't help with everyday needs or is incomplete. For example I might find a blog on ethical shoes for women but lot of the recommendations have a very limited range or are from overseas companies - which I think presents a problem with logistics, particularly if you have a fit problem. So I prefer to try to source from Australian owned or based businesses.

My son needed new school shoes - my searching just before the holidays did not uncover any ethically sourced shoes (I am still looking and will bring you a blog soon) so then I procrastinated for the school holidays (and we were away) and then I ended up with needing shoes the day before school starts. So I had no option but to head to the local shopping centre to get some. We used the Good On you App https://goodonyou.eco/ to look up brands. There were only two options in the store, being Lynx and Clarks. Lynx is not yet rated on the app and Clarks received a 'Not good enough'. We definitely avoided the cheap K-mart versions. In the end we bought the Lynx as these were the best fit.

Gift giving for children - we purchased a present for a friend who lives in another city. We provided some tips on ethical giving for developing their love and gratitude:

Spend time with them doing something fun
Make something for them
Avoid plastic toys / fads
Look for creative gifts
Support small businesses
Recyclable gift wrapping
Create your own cards

Say no to balloons - try paper decorations instead

For a friend turning 8, who lives in another city, we choose to send an Amazing Origami kit and Enchanted Garden seedlings bought from http://www.biome.com.au/.

We continue to source our wine via vinomofo , our beer from a local craft brewer and a farmers box for fruit and veg.

I am lucky enough to have a mother who sews - she made a lot of clothes for us when we were growing up to help live within a tight budget. So she made some skorts and tops for my daughter. She did source the material from Spotlight which is probably not sustainable but again our goal is to do better - next time we might try to source better material. Interestingly when I shared with friends that my Mum was sewing for my daughter quite a number said they wished they had learnt and one was even learning to sew now along with her daughter. So perhaps that might be on the cards for me soon.
We have some posts on shoes and underwear coming up. Comment below if you know of any good brands.


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