145 Day Challenge – The Journey

145 Days
Update 6/9/17
We didn't do any non food shopping in the last week or so. We started a growers delivery box service. The produce is amazing! As a result we are having more fresh food in our meals.
I have done my wardrobe audit to see what we need for summer so we have plenty of time to obtain ethically and sustainably. Only a couple of items for my daughter and myself and few shirts for hubby.
I am finding it challenging to shop online for clothing, especially for my 7yr old daughter who is petite and very fussy about what she will wear - mainly related to how it feels on her skin. So I don't want to buy something that she then refuses to wear. I will have to do some more thinking about where to buy her clothes. I might take her to the local op shop to see if she likes anything there. Yes - it is time to change our thinking about op shop shopping! Will share how we go.
I have started playing tennis for exercise and have decided to buy myself a racket. Unfortunately the ones recently sourced from Salvos are not good enough beyond a hit with the kids. There weren't any available on gumtree etc. So the local tennis coach is sourcing a quality one for me. On this note, let me tell you about the time I bought rackets for the kids at a popular cheap department store (I won't name). These were low quality cheap rackets and they have lasted less than 12 months. If I had instead sourced good quality rackets I am sure they would have lasted for many years. Whilst we might be saving money at the time we end up paying for it in the end both in cost but also planet. So buy quality to last. 


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